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Creating for Creatives
August 30, 2016
5:30 PM

Hafer is one of the fastest growing architecture, engineering and interior design firms in the midwest. But while the 40-year-old company’s work is progressive, the brand was holding them back. They hired OOHology, a delightfully disruptive... Read more »


Tin Man Brewing
1430 W Franklin St.
Evansville, IN 47710

Design News

On a Scale from 1-100, Milton Glaser Rates Every Single Olympic Logo Design in History

There’s been much controversy recently around Olympic logo design, but let’s not forget the rich and varying narrative the Games’ graphic design has weaved over the decades. Ahead of Rio 2016, who better to cast their eyes and critical judgement over the good, the bad, and the ugly of logo design for Olympics past, present, and future than Milton Glaser? Here he is.

Design News

5 Rules For Designing Great Cities, From Denmark's Star Urbanist

The web of pedestrian streets, narrow alleys, and picturesque canals in Venice have lured tourists to the Italian port city for hundreds of years. There's a near constant hum of activity as people gather in public squares, sit in outdoor cafes, marvel at the ornate architecture, and meander...

Design News


We think a little competition is healthy. So, we cooked up a simple concept. Create enmity between two designers via salty language and a bottomless bin of yo' mama jokes, then watch them use their lettering skills to duel while democracy takes its course. In a week, the loser walks away with...