I wrote the book on user-friendly design. What I see today horrifies me

The world is designed against the elderly, writes Don Norman, 83-year-old author of the industry bible Design of Everyday Things and a former Apple VP.

The Notre-Dame fire’s ashes could be used to 3D-print its new gargoyles

A Dutch company promises that it can use broken stone and ash to print perfect replicas of Notre-Dame's ornate stonework.

Quiz: Discover your creative type

Critique is Critical — 5 Ways to Get Better at Accepting and Applying Design Feedback

We've all been there – creating what is, in our minds, the perfect solution. But what happens when it isn't perceived how we expect it to be? As it turns out, accepting critique is challenging, but there's good news... you can change that.

The Fyre Festival’s terrible pitch deck is now lorem ipsum

Fyre Ipsum is a text generator built by digital studio Postlight Labs that creates paragraphs of text from the original Fyre Festival pitch deck to help format any visual layout you might be working on, from brochures to websites. It’s lorem ipsum, but Fyre-fied!

The best way to brand a city? With architecture and food

As it turns out, when people are asked the first thing that comes to mind when they think of a city, they tend to think about the architecture and food. We categorize cities through our eyes and our stomachs, through the built environment and the recipes cooked there.

Artist Spends 6 Years Photographing Life’s Perfectly Timed Coincidences

Over the past six years, artist Denis Cherim has been creatively using his photography to explore the small coincidences that surround us. Perfectly aligned trees, rays of light that cast interesting shadows, moments of duality created by architecture—these are just some of the many occurrences discovered during the Coincidence Project.

Architects Unveil Self-Sustaining Floating City at the United Nations

With sea levels on the rise and a lack of affordable housing becoming a global problem, designers, architects, and developers are reimagining our urban landscape by turning to the sea. As a result, floating cities are becoming a viable option for the future.

London restaurant Jolene uses logo drawn by a six-year-old child

Studio Frith founder Frith Kerr turned to her six-year-old son to create the logotype for north London restaurant Jolene. The team was looking for a logotype "to provoke the naive simplicity Jolene is expressing".

Video: IDEO and a Story of Design

A exclusive look behind the curtain at IDEO, the global design firm, who for 40 years (and counting) has changed the way we think about design.

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