Helvetica, the world’s most famous typeface, gets a makeover

Helvetica is one of the most popular typefaces on the planet. Here’s why Monotype decided to remake it.

This font you know from old pulp novels is all over new books

An approachable-witchy 1938 typeface is the hand-cut, calligraphic answer to colder modern sans-serifs.

McDonald’s rejected designs from the ’70s could have completely changed the way the fast-food chain looks today

Forty-six years ago, the design firm Unimark International studied McDonald’s stores and pitched the fast-food brand on a revamp of its packaging and signage. The Vignelli Center for Design Studies at Rochester Institute of Technology has been tasked with digitizing the former agency’s records.

This Weird Change In Font Is Proven By Research To Increase Your Focus

It’s called cognitive disfluency — a phenomenon where more cognitive engagement leads to deeper processing, which facilitates encoding and subsequently better retrieval. All it takes is making your font smaller — which is proven to lead to better creativity and focus.

University of Evansville unveils new logos to connect the institution with its athletics

In an effort to unite the previously disconnected brands of University of Evansville athletics and institution, the University unveiled a new logo Friday.

IKEA’s ThisAbles add-ons adjust furniture for people with disabilities

IKEA has released a set of furniture hacks that anyone can download and 3D-print to make their products more usable by people with disabilities. Bigger light switches, easier-to-grab handles and extenders for couch legs are among the designs produced so far

NIKE weaves 2019 women’s world cup kits from recycled plastic bottles

With the 2019 women’s world cup just months away, NIKE has revealed the soccer uniforms of 14 federations, from the inspiring match jerseys to the empowering training kits. To create the ensembles, they will use plant-based dye from the NIKE plant color collection and each shirt will be made from at least 12 plastic bottles, thanks to their new material innovation.

Japanese cherry blossoms inform Tokyo 2020 Olympic torch design

The 2020 Olympic torch has been unveiled ahead of next year's Games in Tokyo, designed by Tokujin Yoshioka to resemble the cherry blossom flower.

This Craft Beer Was Created to Develop Kodak Super 8 Film

In one of the more interesting collaborations you’ll come across, craft brewery Dogfish Head has created a new beer that can actually process Kodak Super 8 Film. That’s right, we’re talking about a beer that can process film.

Celebrate 100 Years of Bauhaus with These Free Online Documentaries

To commemorate 100 years since the Bauhaus movement began, My Modern Met crafted a selection of fascinating and free documentaries and lectures—all of which you can watch from the comfort of your own haus.

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